Layla Hologram: #08 Flash Black

Cue the violins and the cherubs, its beautiful dark holo time! Every time I have this polish on my nails, I smile each time the light catches my nails, it is so darn pretty!!!

This is the last stamped Layla mani in my little Layla stamping project; but first lets see a swatch without any stamping.

Layla Hologram #08 Flash Black (old pic)

This is an old picture, I forgot to take a new picture before I stamped it. But is it not stunning? One of my friends still thinks this polish is more green than gun metal grey and she is right that it looks a little greenish but that is because of the amazing, crazy holoness of this polish.

And moving straight on to the stamping…

red nail polish application

Layla Hologram #08 Flash Black stamped with Konad SP Black, m60 (click me)

Yes I know I have done this mani before, but this design is one of my all time favorites from Konad. I have this silly theory on the ratio of stamp to nail polish. The stamp should not obscure the polish so much that the stamp overpowers the polish. In my mind the stamp should enhance the polish not cover it up. And this design does just that, it enhances the polish without cluttering it too much.

Layla Hologram #08 Flash Black stamped with Konad SP Black, m60 (click me if you like)

I wanted to start of doing just an accent nail but I have no self-control when it comes to stamping, it’s my crack *big grin*

I really wanted to add black gems on the Ludurana mani but I held back, so I had to try it this time, but I was very mhe about the gems so I nixed them.

Layla Hologram #08 Flash Black stamped with Konad SP Black, m60 (click me, you know you want to)

I mean seriously, does it get any better than this? There is a little part of me that thinks that the stamp looked better on the . As Notàvel is slightly lighter in tone and so has better contrast with the stamp. But I love both manis, what do you think?
Here is a little video of this mani in action: